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Rise of Kingdoms it's a game where you can have commanders, who give a number of quirks that you can take advantage of to advance and become a better player. If you want to know which is the best commander in Rise of Kingdoms, stay to read this article.

A commander in Rise of Kingdoms can be valued in multiple ways. We can first take into account his solo performance, or how his abilities behave with the troops he commands. As you may know, this is a strategy game where you can oversee an infinite number of factors, and having the best commander is not going to automatically win you. It all depends on how you plan your strategy.

That said, we can first chat about the best commander in Rise of Kingdoms if you start This is El Cid. This commander is the best you can achieve if you are a newbie to the game.

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Best Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

What is the best commander in Rise of Kingdoms?

He is an archer with the ability to progress the statistics of the troops, and whose active skills allow him to position himself as one of the best commanders in the game. He was previously considered the best of all, to the point where it was rare to achieve someone who didn't have it. Over time, more commanders were added and this one fell out of use. Now, he alone is the best weapon of the new ones. 

Currently, the best commander is not well defined. The truth is that there are some that are quite good, like Tsun Tzu, or Joan of Arc, but we cannot say that there is the best of all. As you know, what prevails here is strategy, and each and every one of the commanders is so well balanced that even the small details matter. We are at a point where a good approach can make you beat anyone. 

What we invite you to do for now is to exploit the potential of the commanders you have. For the fact that the best commander of Rise of Kingdoms is what you have today. And you must exploit this potential to the limit. 

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