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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Monk Sunwuko build With season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a build on the Monk for your solo flaws!

Currently one of the best builds in the game for farming Greater Rifts, it is however recommended for solo play and not recommended for group play.

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weakening wave
Rune: Tsunami
light wave
Rune: Explosive Light
Lightning Strike
Rune: Lightning Speed
swirling wind
Rune: Inner Storm
mystical ally
Rune: Air Ally
redemption mantra
Rune: Impalpable
Taking initiative Sixth Sense Unison The Way of the Guardian


Set Pieces - Sunwuko
Shoulders Sunwuko Balance Ring 1 Focus
Gloves Sunwuko's Paws Ring 2 Restraint
Torso Soul of Sunwuko    
legs Jambards de Sunwuko    
Amulet Sunwuko Who-shines    
Hors set
Head Regard of Tzo Krin armbands Fierte de Pinto
Belt The time of the crime Poor Lame de Kyoshiro
boots Rudimentary boots Weapon 2 wind of revenge
Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Great Temple Incense Torch Loss of the trap
Mindguard Zei's Revenge Stone
Ring of Royal Grandeur Scourge of the Overwhelmed


This build is mainly based on the synergy between the set bonus Sunwuko and the Wave of Light spell. The 6-piece bonus of the set indeed offers 1000% bonus damage on this spell for each stack of Spinning Wind. The goal will therefore be to keep Spinning Wind active and at the maximum number of stacks at all times in order to benefit from the maximum damage on Wave of Light. Swirling Wind also clears well at close range while Wave of Light clears over a larger area. However, the build remains quite little mobile over long distances despite the presence of Flash Strike.

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