Best Apex Legends Weapons

If you are a new player of Apex Legends, you may have noticed that there is a huge selection of weapons to select from. There's nothing wrong with it, but it does get a bit confusing at times. For this reason, in this mini guide we are going to show you the best weapons of Apex Legends.

Knowing this fact will not only give you accurate information to take into consideration when choosing a weapon, but it will also do you more to be aware of the pistols you are looking for. It is also not necessary that you always have the best weapon in the game in your hand, in truth, it rarely happens, so you can settle for having the second best and knowing that you will at least have a little advantage. 

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Best Apex Legends Weapons

Top three Weapons in Apex Legends that you should use

Let's start with the top three. As you may know, assault rifles are the most complete weapons in each and every game they come out in. They have enormous range, damage, and stability, making them unique for mid-range combat, but also functional at higher ranges. 

In the top three we have the Hemlok. If you are a lover of automatic fire, then you are going to have problems admitting this one, since the only fire modes of it are streaks and manual fire. She has a one-round magazine, and uses light ammo. In addition to this, the damage of two of hers is the highest of any and all attack rifles. You can take a player down with just two streaks from this weapon. 

In the top two we have a submachine gun with a damage one that is quite functional. It's about the alternator. Its automatic fire and its magazine of two bullets is excellent for taking out opponents at close range. With a weapon like this, people will think twice before messing with you. 

In the top 1 is, as always and at all times, an attack rifle. We are talking about the Havoc, which can be transformed into a railgun through the fire selector that it brings. Only what to say about him, an unusual weapon. 

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