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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Crusader Akkhan build With Season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a Crusader build for your solo flaws!

This build is mostly based around using Blame while constantly under Champion of Akarat thanks to the Armor of Akkhan set.

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Rune: Cerberus
Rune: Alloy
Laws of Valor
Rune: Irresistible Force
Rune : Aspiration
Rune: Frozen in Place
Champion d'Akarat
Rune: Emulation
armed arm of justice sacred cause strength of heaven Opulence


Set pieces
Armure d'Akkhan Stronghold of Will
Head Haume d'Akkhan Ring 1 Constraint
Shoulders Pauldrons of Akkahn Ring 2 Catalyst
Torso Cuirasse d'Akkhan    
Gloves Gantelets d'Akkhan    
legs Thighs of Akkhan    
Amulet Talisman d'Akkhan    
Hors set
Poor The furnace boots Illusionary Boots
Bouclier Frydehr's Wrath armbands Stronggrip Bracers
Belt chain of earrings    
Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Crown of Leoric Loss of the trap
Prophet's Blade Scourge of the Overwhelmed
Uniqueness Esoretic alteration

Note: When playing Uniqueness, put another Uniqueness on your companion to reduce damage, while using one of three legendary companion items that makes them immortal (Enchanting Favor for Templar, Smoking Censer for Enchantress, and everywhere for the brigand).


Akkhan's set is quite easy to use. Highly mobile, it relies on Akkhan set bonuses and cooldown reduction to spend as much time as possible under Champion of Akarat. Use your Blame in a loop to take down a large number of enemies quickly, while remaining fast and extremely resistant. The generation of anger will be done via Persiflage, Cautery and the Laws of Valor which will allow, in addition to a small contribution of damage, to never run out of resources.

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