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The M416 is a weapon that falls under the category of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. In all honesty, and as in practically all shooters, it is the most versatile weapon in the entire game. It works both for open combat and in establishments, and you can also use it as if it were a sniper rifle. If you are looking for the best accessories for the M416 in PUBG Mobile, in this small guide we are going to be notifying about everything how much your weapon should have equipped, to take advantage of its potential to the limit. 

First keep in mind that apart from being versatile, the M416 accepts all kinds of accessories. You can outfit your weapon with barrel, grip, magazine, stock, and scope upgrades. In this article we will cover which is the best of each and every one of the accessories for each one, since it asks for the M416.

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Best Accessories for M416 PubG Mobile

Best Accessories for M4 PubG Mobile Rifle

  • Let's start with the cannon. You can choose between a compensator, a flash hider and the silencer. The truth is that the resolution depends on whether you are a violent player or more oriented to the stealth field. 
  • The compensator reduces the recoil of the weapon by two percent, and the silencer hides the explosion of the shot as well as being valid for silent operations. On the other hand, the muzzle hides the muzzle flash, but only reduces recoil by one percent. 
  • For now, it only remains to select between the silencer and the compensator, but that depends on your personality at the time of playing. IF you are more stealth oriented, we invite you to use the silencer. If you clearly enjoy fighting instead, use a compensator. 
  • Regarding the grips, you can choose between a vertical and an angular one. The first is to improve accuracy with single shot, and the other to reduce recoil in full auto. 

There are three magazines that you can use in your M416. It is certainly better to use the fast zoom than the zoom, or the quick. This has the functions of the latter two, but included in an accessory. 

With regard to sights, it always depends on the context. The M416 is compatible with any and all except the 8x zoom. It's best to have one 3x, one 4x, and one 6x so you can swap between them depending on how far away your opponents are. 

But if we are talking about the M416, then it is best to have any and all accessories that reduce recoil. In this way, you will have a weapon that practically does not move when you shoot. The best accessories for the M416 are the compensator, angled grip, extended speedloader, and a set of sights that let you see at different distances. Try always and in all circumstances to look for a slanted sight in case a surprise opponent comes at close range.

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