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Our articles on ATLAS ATLAS: Guide to crafting on the game of Pirate Discover our basic guide to crafting to learn how to create objects, weapons and ships on ATLAS, the pirate MMO! What are the basic objects to achieve? How to learn patterns? The answers are here.

When you discovered ATLAS, you thought a pirate MMO implied sea battles, piracy and rum. But it's not only that, since your character can also be very skilled with his hands to make many objects and weapons. Indeed, crafting is extremely important on ATLAS and that is why we have prepared a short guide to get you started in this aspect of the pirate game.

Note that it is advisable to consult our beginner's guide in addition to this article in order to choose the right talents and values ​​for your character in order to improve your craft.

Why craft items?

As in the majority of survival games (this is the case with SCUM for example), crafting is essential during all stages of your character's life, but especially at the start of the game.

Indeed, this will allow you to easily obtain a weapon (to hunt or defend yourself), to cover yourself to spend the night in safety, to feed yourself but also to move around while transporting objects.

How do I learn recipes/patterns?

The majority of patterns and recipes for craftable items and weapons can be learned by unlocking crafting talents in the talent tree. In this regard, we advise you to place points in the Survival game (Survivability) with in particular: The Basics, Tools of the Trade and Construction in order to be able to craft the basic objects of the adventure. 

For more information on the early game talent tree, be sure to check out our Beginner's Guide to ATLAS.

What items are needed at the start of the game?

In the first half hour of play, you will need to collect resources: fabric (Fibers) stone (Stone) et wood (Wood) to craft tools and weapons. Try to craft the following items: the Stone Pick, the Stone Hatchet (to chop wood) and a Spear (spear to defend yourself).

Resource list for basic tools and weapons:

→ for the stone Pick: you will need 2 Fibers, 6 Stone and 6 Wood

→ for the stone Hatchet: you will need 15 Fibers, 3 Flint, 1 Stone and 3 Wood

→ for the Spear: you will need 14 Fibers, 3 Flint and 12 Wood

Note that you have probably seen streamers cutting down trees while throwing punches. If it works, watch out for your life points, which will drop with each hit on a tree...  

Warning, your items have a durability gauge, which means they can (and will) break very quickly, especially at first. Prefer to repair (repair) your broken objects rather than making new ones since this operation costs less resources.

How do I get resources to craft items?

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to collect wood by punching trees... But it will be more efficient to use tools to get resources faster (the tools will also allow you to get different resources from rocks etc.).

From then on, it is initially a virtuous circle which is set up but which takes a little time: you must recover resources to make tools which will be useful for obtaining more resources and therefore crafting large objects or more evolved.

How do I get the first patterns for basic items?

You will need to obtain a level before being able to unlock the first point of talent in survival necessary to obtain the first crafting bosses. You have several solutions for this:

→ Loot resources until you get the necessary experience (long but not very risky)

→ Kill an animal without a weapon (not very complicated depending on the fauna present around you)

You should now better master the different basic elements related to ATLAS crafting and all you have to do is level up to unlock more recipes and patterns to design a raft (and then in the future a ship), but also high level weapons and a camp.

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