At what level can you acquire a character in Apex Legends?

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El Apex Legends It has a number of very attractive characters, each of them has different abilities that will serve you at certain times when fighting on the battlefield. This incredible game is considered one of the best Battle Royale on mobile devices due to the enormous focus that has been given to its legends. Many users of the community have been concerned to know from the moment in which the game can begin to acquire those legends with skills, in this blog post, we are going to explain from the moment in which level you can do it. 

The legends are one of the most essential aspects to be able to lead us well to the path of victory, as well as we must know the best arsenal of objects, weapons and accessories that can complement the abilities of our character. Each legendary story is great with a specific weapon genre, which makes it easier that, when we play together, each one has a different specialty and we can put together a very balanced team. 

At what level can you acquire a character in Apex Legends?

What is the precise level to acquire characters in Apex Legends

From the beginning of the game we can achieve legends, it is not necessary to acquire a specific level, we simply have to play to locate legend tokens, or recharge Apex coins, the premium currency of the game that will help you advance faster than other users in the community. 

Apex Legends is a very balanced game when it comes to its legends, even today it is not set as a "pay to win" platform, which makes it very attractive and entertaining, you could have the first legend story that It is achieved in the game and you will not have any kind of inconvenience in fighting with an advanced legendary story, the essential thing is that you impose a high level of play and have a strategy to survive longer on the island than the rest of the people. Join Apex Legends and unlock any and all legends you want.

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