Are we going to have a reloaded Season 1 in Warzone Pacific?

We had an amazing holiday break that allowed us to really take the time to explore every inch of Caldera and be better prepared to be the last man standing in a Warzone Pacific match.

After a rough start with the major update in early December, the game has picked up some slack although there are still things to fix to make the experience smoother for all players.

Although past seasons have set a trend for a big mid-season update often called Reloaded with new playlists, bundles and a bunch of new stuff we'd like to enjoy again to start the year in the season 1 of Warzone Pacific.

Has season 1 Reloaded been confirmed?

We are about to reach mid-season in Warzone Pacific and in previous years this was an indication of major updates to come. (Photo: Activision)

As of now, there's very little confirmed information about a season 1 reload, but if the timing of season 5 was any indication, we still have plenty of time to gather information.

This season was released in early August with the Reloaded update going live just over a month later, that if we translate that to Season 1 we should have some big news on an update this weekend. end and see everything unfold between 11 and 12 January.

Whenever we get our hands on something more concrete or something else confirming this information, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Attack on Titan x Vanguard collaboration leaked

TopboyNews ➐ @TopBoyNews Attack on Titan Tracer Pack confirmed #Warzone

09:21 Dec 15 2021



There is another major indicator from this mid-season update as there was a strong rumor late last year that Activision was seeking a collaboration with the Attack on Titan franchise for Vanguard.

No official word has been released by either party, but several players have reported the appearance of a pack associated with the partnership, as seen in the image above.

There's no denying that it will be amazing to see how the two universes merge for this collaboration. (Photo: Activision)

This could mean we could see gear, skins and possibly weapons coming hinting at one of the biggest anime phenomena of recent years, but we'll have to wait and see if that'll be part of the supposed mid-season update.

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Image courtesy of Activision

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