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If you are looking for protests from Apex Legends, you will find them in this small article in which we share with you the discomforts of certain players compared to the game system, or to everything that it represents, in general. Remembering that this is not any way to say that the game is good or bad. If you are looking for what people are complaining about to decide whether to download it or not, this is our way to inform you about it. 

In fact, Apex Legends is a game that you should try if you like Battle Royale. To date, it is the one that has best been able to incorporate the mechanics of singular abilities into characters or legends. 

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Complaints Apex Legends

Apex Legends Protests

One of the protests about the latest update is made by console players. As you may know, playing on this platform is a bit different from playing on PC. You have a command that facilitates most of your actions. 

However, we know that these are not precise enough to handle a game that is naturally fast. Since, with the latest update, thousands and thousands of users have reported a bug in the settings menu that does not allow them to access the sensitivity settings. However, the EA team is already working on it. 

Another protest is regarding the servers, which the truth is that they tend to be quite slow. This is another issue that has already been fixed, and for which the developers apologized. 

Remember that a product will never please one hundred percent of people. Instead of basing people's tastes on protests, the simplest thing is to download the game and see how it is. It is free, and always and in all circumstances it will be, but that does not mean that it is a great game. 

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