Apex Legends Character Names

The names of the characters in Apex Legends they are somewhat difficult and quite difficult to remember. In this guide we are going to offer you a way to remember them, associating with their powers. This way it will be easier for you to recognize them on the battlefield and know what abilities they have. The truth is that there are two characters, but in a case like this we are going to talk about the most used in the game.

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Apex Legends Character Names

Apex Legends Character Names


First, meet Bloodhound. You will rarely be able to recognize this legendary story, due to the fact that most of his abilities alter his field of vision and his senses. The only one that can be seen from the outside is his strictness, which makes him faster. So if you see someone running considerably faster than you, it's probably Bloodhound. 


Gibraltar is another easy character to recognize. He is in a sort of astronaut suit. In addition to this, his abilities affect the environment. An example of this is the tactical ability, which creates a vault that blocks shots. His passive ability also shields him from bullets, and his ultimate sends out a mortar attack. 


We also have Pathfinder, who is a robot with a screen on his chest to begin with. This makes it easily identifiable. You will be able to recognize it if you see that it uses a hook to move. In addition to this, he can deploy a zip line, but this is never done in the middle of a fight, so you will rarely see him use this, except to flee. 


The character that perhaps most annoys the whole world is also here. We talk about Wraith. He is easy to spot, since one of his abilities lets him disappear in front of you. He can also use portals, so he tries to suppress her before he charges one of his abilities. 

There are many characters Apex Legends, and memorizing their names is going to be possible when you play and sustain an incessant rhythm. In the end, you will end up learning the skills and cooldowns of each of them.

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