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If you want to learn each and every one of the weapons of Apex Legends, in this guide we are going to show you the information you require, such as a classification of weapons from the best to the worst. Stay to read us, and discover what weapons are free in the Battle Royale published by EA. One of the most difficult things about creating and playing a Battle Royale is looking at weapons. There are some in which the plurality does not allow choosing or memorizing, while there are others in which all this is quite simple. 

In the case of Apex Legends, although it is not difficult to learn the weapons, it is strange to be able to visualize each and every one in exactly the same environment. Therefore, we are going to show you all of them, so that you become familiar. 

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All Apex Legends Weapons

All Apex Legends Weapons

First we have the light machine guns. You can get the Spitfire, whose name is quite funny due to the fact that it translates to spitting fire, but it is the worst of each and every one. We can also mention Devotion. There are also shotguns in the game. To mention each and every one of them, we have Mozambique, with whom everyone jokes saying that it is better to have nothing than to get it for her. Others are the Eva-eight Auto, the Peacekeeper and the Mastiff. 

In the game there are also pistols, like the P2020, much worse than the Mozambique. The RE forty-five Auto and the Wingman. This section is a bit weak, since it is about the secondary weapons of the game. On the other hand we have the best weapons in the game, the attack rifles. You're going to be able to get the Hemlok, the Flatline, R-XNUMX Carbine, and the renamed Havoc. The best of each and every one is the third one we mentioned, for its damage and control.

The last two categories are sniper rifles and submachine guns. In the first are the Triple Take, the Longbow, Scout and Kraber. Sure, they're all functional. The submachine guns that you are going to be able to achieve are the Alternator, the Prowler and the R-XNUMX. Extremely good at close range, more preferably only used in closed spaces. 

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