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Our articles on Albion Online Albion Online: Beginner's Guide Albion Online is now free to help you get started in the game.

Launched almost 2 years ago, Albion Online is now free (free-to-play). This is an opportunity for us to help you get off to a good start in the game, for the new wave of players who would be interested in this MMORPG.

Start with the tutorial


Yes, it is strongly recommended to do the introductory quests after creating your character. You will discover how the game works, including the collection of resources, the fastest way to earn money. In addition, within the 5 starting areas, you can find many resources (wood, skins and stones) and in addition collect your first mount at the end of the tutorial.

Choose your specialization carefully


The destiny panel may seem quite complicated at first, but think hard about what you want your character to do. However, we recommend that you specialize in one or two crafts so that you can collect rarer resources and craft very powerful equipment. That said, see with your teammates or your guild to try to be the most complementary of them thanks to the specializations chosen. Be careful though, think wisely about the use of your learning points because once spent, there is no going back.

Tidying Up Can Save You


The storage here takes two facets, the first is that of your bag because the weight of this one can strongly handicap you since your character will lose speed. We therefore advise you to regularly empty it in order to have a margin to collect resources and objects again. The second facet concerns your personal vault. Put your most precious possessions there to avoid losing them when you die if you carry them on you.

Playing as a team is better


The solo can be interesting for many aspects, but unfortunately it will quickly have its limits. The game is divided into different areas and the red and black areas will be particularly deadly, so it is very unwise to venture there solo to collect materials and hit mobs to loot items. In addition, in these famous areas there are usually many other players who will be able to recover objects belonging to you from your corpse. In addition, one of the most pleasant effects of group play is to use one of your teammates with a very defensive orientation to lure the PKs and thus ambush them to remind them of what they are doing to others. Another positive point if you decide to join a guild you will have a local market and you will perhaps pay less taxes since it is the guilds which control the cities and fix the sum of this one.

Go premium fast


Unfortunately this is surely the most negative point of the game since if you do not go premium you will not have the following advantages:

→ Your learning points regenerate faster,
→ A 50% bonus in fame (experience),
→ A 50% bonus in resource collection and loot,
→ A bonus of 100% additional growth on your private island,
→ A 50% reduction in taxes.

In order to acquire it you will have to spend a lot of gold recoverable in game or purchasable depending on the length of your wallet or directly buy it on the Albion Online store.

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